Radim Linhart

Born in 1963 is a pianist, composer and bandleader. In the year 2004 he publically showed his skill of playing and singing 3210 songs and compositions by heart. By this achievement he broke the world record presented in the Guiness book of records. His predecessor Richard Jarnefelt from Finnland can play "only" 3000 songs by heart. His repertoire contains not only classical pieces, pop songs, traditional and modern jazz standards but also a big number of traditional songs and evergreens from Czech, Slovakia, England, Ireland, USA, France, Germany, Italy, Spain, Scandinavia, Russia, Poland, Japan etc. He wrote over 20 musicals for children and a lot of theater and film music published by the Fontana Music label. He performs with his group Nocturno featuring many Czech and European pop and jazz singers. He speaks and sings in Czech, English, German and Italian languages. Radim Linhart aslo owns a recording studio.